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Product Approval & Certification


This page will soon include basic information regarding EMC
and what Avatech can do to support you.

Avatech Offers;

  • Specialist knowledge within the area of Product Approval & Certification procedures for CE marking, UL & FCC, i.e. EMC, Product Safety (electrical safety) & Radio.

  • Support with all necessary documentation and tests for CE marking,UL and FCC.

  • The required know-how for an efficient implementation of the relevant requirements leading to product approval and certification of Your product(s).

  • Support all the way from specifiying the requirement(s), choice of relevant EU directive(s) through to performing the actual testing and finally setting up the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) & the Technical File (TCF).

  • Services and Know-How within Environmental testing, both climatic and mechanical for performance verification of hardware

  • Education programs, Avatech standard courses or specific courses developed for Your needs.